Devuan release Version Suite Released Planet nr. Debian release Status
Freia 7 (in future) not released 76 Forky planned
Excalibur 6 testing not released 9499 Trixie Maintained
Daedalus 5 stable 2023-08-14 1864 Bookworm Maintained
Chimaera 4 oldstable 2021-10-14 623 Bullseye Maintained
Beowulf 3 oldoldstable 2020-06-01 38086 Buster Maintained
ASCII 2 2018-06-08 3568 Stretch Archived
Jessie 1 2017-05-25 10464 Jessie Archived
Ceres - unstable never ever 1 Sid Maintained
🛈 legend: current release; archived

Naming scheme

Devuan release codenames are chosen from the Minor Planet Center Names List. The first Devuan stable release, Jessie, mirrors Debian’s Jessie (a Toy Story character). Future release names follow in alphabetical order starting with the letter A, then B etc. ASCII, Beowulf, Chimaera, Daedalus, Excalibur, and Freia have already been chosen.

An exception to this pattern is unstable, which always has the codename ceres - minor planet number 1 - which is an alias for Debian’s sid.

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