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Welcome to Devuan

This is a first draft. Comments and corrections are quite welcome.

* Getting started -- download, verification, preparing media, installation: Installing and upgrading
* Releases
* Chimaera 4.0 is the current stable release

* There s now a Devuan presence on mastodon:
* official Devuan communication and support channels
* mailing lists
* DNG list
* IRC: ircs://] on Libera IRC network
* dev1galaxy forum
* Bug tracking system
* The Devuan websites
* Donating
* Devuan ports
* Mirrors
* Links to existing website
* quick overview:
* Free softeare:
* And, of coursse, Debian's documentation, since Devuan is a Debian derivative.
* Links to Devuan source code TODO
* Maintenance procedures, including
* How to put together a release. TODO
* Release names are taken from the International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center's list of minor planet names
* How to adapt our logos for each release
* How to make packages
* Derivative distributions
* Development

* History of Devuan
* Forking Debian
* The announcement on December 22, 2014
* There was an old wiki, but it is no longer useful, being quite obsolete.
It still contains some primary archival material that may be of interest to historians.
* (TODO): are there any eager historians?
* A read-only archive of the old wiki is temorarily available at

-- HendrikBoom - 27 Jun 2023
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